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Manual Nasal Aspirator

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Nasal congestion is a big problem for babies. It is up to you to clean their tiny noses to help them breathe easily. 

Boogerbuster is a natural and hygienic solution for the baby’s congested nose. It keeps your little one’s runny & blocked nose clean + clear naturally with the help of parent-controlled suction. This doctor-invented and parent-tested mucus sucker gives instant relief without the use of medication; so that your baby can breathe easily, feed happily, and sleep peacefully. It’s 100% safe for both the baby AND the parents.

This is not magic! It’s science, and it works during those long-congested days.

  • 100% HYGIENIC: The hygiene filters are clinically proven to effectively prevent the transmission of bacteria to your mouth when using the Boogerbuster. Replace the filter after every use.
  • GENTLE AND COMFORTABLE: Unlike bulb and electric aspirators, the Boogerbuster creates a seal outside the baby’s nostrils so you never put anything inside the nose.
  • PARENT-CONTROLLED SUCTION: Unlike bulb and electric aspirators, you can control the suction frequency when you suck through the mouthpiece to remove boogies gently without harming the sensitive mucus membrane.
  • INSTANT RELIEF: Offers quick relief from congestion without the use of medication
  • SAFE + EASY: Made from BPA, Phthalate, Latex-free materials safe for all ages. Easy to use, clean, re-use, and carry.

PRO TIP: SALINE SPRAY opens Nasal passages and keeps them moist. BOOGERBUSTER cleans nasal passages for instant relief.


SALINE SPRAY opens Nasal passages and keeps them moist. BOOGERBUSTER cleans nasal passages for instant relief.

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    Place the disposable hygiene filter into the Boogerbuster.

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    Place the tube gently against the baby's nostril and create a seal. Do not insert.

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    Suck the mucus out through the suction mouthpiece.

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    Dispose off the hygiene filter after every use.

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    Wash all the parts with soap and water. Do not boil.

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    When all the parts are dry, snap them back together with a fresh hygiene filter. Ready for next use!

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Is Boogerbuster safe to use on newborns?

Yes. The Boogerbuster is safe for babies in the 0 to 5 years age group.

How often should you change the filters?

You need to change the hygiene filter after every use of the Boogerbuster.

Do you sell the Hygiene Filters Separately?

Yes. If you run out of filters, you can buy them separately in packs of 20 from the Tinycrawl website.

How often can I use Boogerbuster each day?

You can use the Boogerbuster safely up to six times in 24 hours.

Any tips for Boogerbuster sucking like a Pro?

We recommend using the Boogerbuster after a warm bath or after using a saline spray to loosen the boogies and relax the baby.

My newborn has small nostrils. Will the Boogerbuster fit up his/her nose?

Don't worry! Boogerbuster is a non-invasive product designed to create a seal around the outside of a baby's nose for a more comfortable and safe experience.

Why do I have to use Boogerbuster? Why can't I use the bulb syringe available in the market?

Boogerbuster is a Doctor-invented and Doctor-recommended solution. It is a modern device, better than those old-age bulb syringe aspirators where suction control is not in your hands. A bulb syringe goes inside your baby's nostril, which may hurt your baby's mucus membrane or scratch the inside of their nostril.

I just used the Boogerbuster, and nothing came out. Am I doing something wrong?

Dry + Hard Boogie alert! In case you're having trouble clearing the boogies from the baby's nose, we recommend using saline drops to help loosen the mucus. For dry and hard boogers, we recommend using the DIRTDIGGER.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Ankita Patel
Best Nasal Aspirator in India I have come across

Suction effectiveness, no sharp edges like local available ones, premium quality and easy to use. Must Buy during winter season.

Satya MandLekar
Amazing 🤩🤩

This BOOGERBUSTER easy breathe, safe for babies when babies are tired of runny nose.
BOOGERBUSTER is the perfect equipment you will need for instant relief. It's BPA free. Love this product very much !


Krunal Patel
Easy to clean, use & worth it.

Best &easiest way to clear runny nose. Also have manual suction power &hygienic, totally safe for my baby. No need to sterilization , easy to clean &reuse.worth to purchasing.

Gaurav Patil
A well thought Invention

This is a miracle product. It works exactly the way it is designed for. Clears the nasal way of your baby in few seconds. Easy to operate and hassel free. Absolutely recommended for parents.

Life saver.

I wish I would have used this product earlier.. it is such a life saver. My baby have a problem with congested nose all the time and this is a life saver. It is so easy to use and does its job very well. The name could be more better, rightly named Booger Buster. The packaging is also super cute.