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Multipurpose Baby Grooming Tool

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Say Hello to Hygiene with the DirtDigger! [Sayonara cotton-buds]

DirtDigger is an essential multipurpose cleaning tool for parents which provides a modern solution to clean out baby’s visible ear wax, hard + dry nose boogers, under-nail dirt, belly-button dirt, and toe + finger jams.

This perfectly designed all-in-one baby grooming wand is equipped with four different flexible tips for the baby’s cleaning needs.

  • NOSE: Curved-loop to dig out hard + dry boogers
  • EAR: Flat-loop to remove visible ear wax from tiny ears
  • NAIL: Smooth-tip to clean out under-nail dirt
  • MISC: Flexi-tip to dig out bellybutton dirt, toe jams, and finger jams

It comes with a NO-SLIP GRIP and a SAFETY-STOPPER which ensures the tips cannot be inserted too far into the baby’s nose and ears. So, no worries even if the baby wiggles.

Plus, it comes with a keep-clean storage case to maintain hygiene.

  • ALL IN ONE TOOL: It does all your dirty work for you! Make it a game of “Just the Tip” for your little one and clean up in a flash!
  • SAFETY-STOPPER: Safety design restricts the tip from going in too far into baby’s nose & ears
  • GET A GRIP: No-slip grip handle with integrated thumb rest for easy holding.
  • NO PUSH-IN: The Dirt Digger is perfectly designed to dig-out the dirt instead of push-in, keeping the safety and comfort of babies in mind.
  • GENTLE + COMFORTABLE: The DirtDigger has soft, gentle tips that reach visible dirt, without causing any discomfort to your child.
  • SAFE: Made from BPA, Phthalate, Latex-free materials
  • EASY: Easy to clean, use, store and carry.


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  • NOSE

    Curved-loop to dig out hard+dry boogers.

  • EAR

    Flat-loop to remove visible ear wax from tiny ears.

  • NAIL

    Smooth-tip to clean out under-nail dirt.

  • MISC

    Flexi-tip to dig out bellybutton dirt, toe jams, and finger jams.

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Are the tips hard or soft?

The DirtDigger's four different tips vary in firmness which are soft yet sturdy. They are designed to get the job done.

DirtDigger vs Cotton Swab?

While cotton swabs may only look like an option for cleaning little ears & noses, they are not safe for babies. Cotton swabs rarely work, and they're not effective in pulling the dry and sticky stuff out. In fact, they usually push the Dirt further into the nose/ears, making it harder to reach and creating more discomfort for the baby. Also, a cotton swab may leave cotton fibers in the baby's nostrils/ears and create more risk. This is what sets DirtDigger apart from the rest. DirtDigger can be used without worrying about hurting the baby.

How do you clean the DirtDigger?

DirtDigger is easy to clean! Simply rinse under warm water using a mild soap to clean and then air dry for continued use. DirtDigger is also top-rack Dishwasher safe. We do not recommend the DirtDigger to be sterilized/ boiled or microwaved.

Does this work for runny noses?

DirtDigger is the only infant multi-functional cleaning product specifically designed to remove dry and sticky mucus (boogers)! We have Tinycrawl's BOOGERBUSTER – the manual nasal aspirator with hygiene filters to suck out the boogies for runny noses. When boogies can't be dug out, it's BoogerBuster to the rescue!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Beautiful Finish, but.

It has a nice beautiful finish to it. I love that you can change the tool with just a slight touch and that it comes
with a box. However, I was expecting a softer tip, as babies and toddlers' movements are unpredictible and I am thinking maybe this could harm my baby's nostrils. For all who wants to know, the tip is plastic and if you are expecting a soft silicone type tip, this is not the one.

Bhawna Gandhi
Most useful multipurpose cleaning tool for babies

Very useful product. I did not know that multipurpose cleaning tool is available in the market. But someone suggested me for this and trust me this is the best product for infants as experiments by earbud or others sometime can be harmful for baby. But how it's designed is completely unique and safe for babies.