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Soother-style Medicine Dispenser

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MediSoother administers a full dose of medicine with the combination of unique soother + syringe.

The oral syringe measures the accurate dose of medicine with easy-to-read medicine markings and soft soother delivers medicine to the side of the baby’s cheek [as recommended by doctors], bypassing baby’s taste buds to prevent messy spit-outs & choking, so baby gets full dose, every time.

Wait! Here’s more! The soother-style dispenser also works as a soother too, so the baby can continue soothing after medicine dosage.

  • SIMPLE AND QUICK: Twist the syringe into the soother tab to attach and give medicine to the baby with just one hand, while holding the baby with another. Makes medication a one-hand job.
  • NO SPIT-OUTS: It avoids the baby’s tastebuds by delivering medicine to the side of the baby’s cheek and ensures full dosing without any messy spit-outs!
  • ACCURATE DOSE: Easy-to-read markings (up to 5 ML) on the syringe ensures the correct dose, always! Great for medicines, vitamins, etc.
  • NO CHOKING: It delivers medicine to the baby’s cheek pocket, [not in the center or front of the baby’s mouth] to prevent the risk of choking.
  • COMFORTABLE + GENTLE: Soft soother is shaped like the nipple of a standard feeding bottle; babies quickly adapt to the MediSoother. Plus, soft soother protects baby’s gums & mouth.
  • SAFE: Both soother and syringe are BPA & Toxin Free, making it safe to use for babies.
  • CLEANING: Easy to clean, use, store and carry. Soother is safe to sterilize.
  • REUSABLE SYRINGE: Reusable and high-quality syringe comes without a rubber gasket to prevent contamination.


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    Fill syringe with correct dose of medicine.

  • Step 2 of 6

    Insert and twist syringe into medicine tube.

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    Place soother in baby's mouth, aiming medicine tube to either cheek.

  • Step 4 of 6

    Slowly push the syringe plunger to administer medicine dose.

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    Twist syringe out and close soother tab to use as a soother.

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    Fill syringe with soapy water, attach soother and push to clean.

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What measurements are included on the syringe?

It comes with an international standard syringe with the 5 ML measurements.

Is it reusable?

Yes! The soother and syringe both can be reused. Just rinse right after each use.

Can you sterilize it?

Yes! Soother is safe to sterilize.

What it is made of?

The soother is made of 100% silicone which is naturally BPA free. It is proudly made in India, as per international quality and standards.

Can I use it for giving multivitamins or syrups or gripe water or something?

Yes! If it is in liquid form, you can use it. Wash the parts after use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mansi J
Medisoother makes giving medicine to baby easy.

My daughter would spit the medicine out when I try to give it to her With this soother, she takes a full dose I would definitely recommend it to every parent

Surbhi Bawa
Always difficult to give medicine without the full dose going into the mouth

Very easy to fill this medisoother.. It comes with lines and measurements preprinted on the bottle to make it easier to use. With little effort it easily get inside the mouth as baby can't taste the medicine hence no wastage Really satisfied

The most convenient baby product

The medisoother delivers exact dose of the medication to the baby surpassing the tastebuds without any spit-ups which makes it more convenient to use. It also self-soothes the baby. Loved the product and its uniqueness.