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3-sided Silicone Finger Brush + Tongue Scraper

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Get your gummy baby ready for quick & effective oral care from an early age.

The tri-bristle silicone finger brush makes it easy to clean your squirmy little one’s tiny teeth & gums 3X faster. It features a unique triple-side brush head that cleans and massages all sides [front + back + top] of the baby’s teeth & gums in one go. Plus, the tongue scrapper cleans the baby’s tongue to eliminate the milky-sugary coating that breeds bacteria.

Wait, here’s more! A gentle massage with the finger brush also helps to ease the baby’s discomfort arising from teething pain.

  • CLEAN 3X FASTER: The 3-sided brush head cleans and massages all the sides of teeth and gums at once, so you can finish brushing job 3-times faster than traditional flat finger-brushes.
  • SOFT & GENTLE: Soft, round & self-adjusting bristles are gentle on your little one’s gums and teeth.
  • DUAL-SIDE DESIGN: Bristles on one side gives brushing to teeth and gums; while the tongue scrapper on back keeps the tongue clean.
  • PERFECTLY ANGLED: Brush head is perfectly-angled towards the gumline [as recommended by Dentists] to cover all the sides, giving you 100% cleaning.
  • SAFE & HYGIENIC: 100% anti-bacterial, BPA-Free & Food-grade Silicone brush works with or without baby’s toothpaste. It is safe to clean & sterilize.
  • STORAGE STAND: Keep brush clean + upright for quick drying.
  • LEVEL UP: Use the Finger brush from 3 months and up, then promote to the toothbrush at 24 months.
  • SAFETY + CARE: Wash before & after each use. Allow to dry before storing. Brush is safe to sterilize. This is not a toy, use under adult supervision.


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    Gently fit the brush on the index finger

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    Glide brush along the gumline, to maintain brushing sequence.

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    Clean and massage baby's gums and teeth with gentle massaging and cleaning movements

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    Clean tongue with bums on back-side.

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What is the finger brush made out of?

100% bacteria-resistant and BPA free silicone.

For what age is the finger brush intended for?

Specifically designed for little ones in the age range of 3 to 24 months.

How to clean the brush?

It can be cleaned with soap and water. It can be sterilized in boiling water. This is top-rack dishwasher safe.

How often should I replace the brush?

If you’ve given Tri-Bristle Finger Brush some major loving and notice some wear and tear, it’s time to get a new one.

Where is this made?

It is proudly made in India, as per international standards and quality.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Payal Bhosale
Tri-Bristle Finger Brush

I just love the's totally safe for baby . It's help to masage baby gum . We thankful to tiny crawle for this amazing product.

Easy and effective Great first Toothbrush. My lil one loves it!Very soft and flexible silicone

Easy and effective. Great first Toothbrush. My lil one loves it! Very soft and flexible silicone. A finger toothbrush like this is the perfect solution – with three side brush to cover all sides to provide effective cleaning and a backside comes with a tongue cleaner. I also like that it comes with an attractive stand and a cover.

Effective, Deep and Quick cleaning 👍🏻

Three sided brush is smooth, effective and helps in quick ,deep cleaning of all three sides , it also relieves babies from itchy gums 😊 Storage stand is useful to keep it clean 👍🏻

Sakshi sarda
Perfect silicon brush for your litte ones

Very soft and easy to use.. would suggest for your little ones

Best for babies

I was using this brush to my child this brush is so comfortable and easy to handle and clean it is very smooth and it doesn't farm to babies for me it's best for my baby